Thank You Sadlers Wells!

So thats it, well done SLW Dance Company, you were amazing!

Both performances went really well, showing how much the girls had practiced their choreography and loved being on the stage. They should be truly proud of themselves and all they have achieved. They came to London and owned that stage!

We hope that this will build upon the confidence that Sarah has instilled in them through all those tiring rehearsals and make them believe that they are phenomenally talented dancers.

Congratulations to all the other performers and schools who took part – thank you for creating a fantastic overall performance.

Thank you to all the pupils, all the parents and all of our extended SLW family for helping out along the way. We are incredibly grateful for all the support that we have been given. 

Next stop… SLW Dance Company’s 5th Annual show in July. See you there!

Curtains Up!

The time has almost come…

Sadlers Wells Theatre is filling up with friends, family and supporters of all the dance companies involved in tonights performance. It seems that there has been a great deal of dance companies performing in the last few days, celebrating dance schools up and down the country, displaying the talent of tomorrow.

SLW Dance Company have been preparing backstage; perfecting moves, making sure hair is in place and make up is flawless. Now, in the audience, we play the waiting game. 

Good luck to all the other dance companies taking part, and thank you to Sadlers Wells for hosting what we’re sure will be a fantastic evening. Now go out there SLW and give it your all!

Sadlers Wells – We’re coming for you!

We’ve finally arrived, no traffic to be seen – SLW Dance Company is ready to dance on Sadler’s Wells Theatre!

Final last minute preparations outside before the girls go backstage with loads of other dance schools – including some rapid response hair work by our power-mums!


Not long now until the performance begins at 7.30pm. We’ll keep you posted until then but all we can say is, break a leg girls!

We’ve Arrived!

So we’ve arrived safe and sound in London! 

Our hotel is looking good and everyone has checked in. Once all the girls have got enough glitter spray on it’ll be time to head to Sadlers Wells and our performance!

The sun is now well and truly shining for our trip – the best weather we could have hoped for. All our talented pupils know their dances back to front and are ready to grace the stage!

Celebrity Passenger

We have sighted London (Wembley Stadium to be exact)! We are now less than an hour away and will be dropping our bags at the hotel before continuing onto Sadlers Wells. 

At this stage in the journey we have also been joined by a celebrity passenger! The one and only Daisy Dancer (SLW Dance Company mascot) has joined us in London. The funny thing is Sarah never packed her…

It seems that Daisy has taken it upon herself to climb aboard. That bear just hates being left out! 

Coach  Mischief

So it’s coming up to lunchtime and we are still on the road, under two hours to go before we reach London (traffic permitting!).

The girls are now onto watching the second show – ‘Premiere’ which was on the St Helens Theatre Royal all the way back in 2011, can you believe it? Plenty more embarrassing moments have ensued, and some classic dad-dances. Anyone remember Billy dressing up as Austin Powers?

The coach is like a dressing room on wheels – rollers galore and glitter spray in the air as we head further south. Sarah has also stolen the GoPro and taken a few too many selfies! Apologies in advance to those pictured!



Pit Stop

So we’ve made our first stop at Warwick services, just enough time to get a coffee and wake everyone up! 

The sun has come out for us travelling, which has brought all the sunglasses out – now everyone feels like they’re on holiday!

We even had enough time to have a quick selfie on the grass with the younger girls before setting off again. The girls are getting more and more excited for performing in London. Not long to go now!

SLW is London Bound!

So everyone is on the coach, making our way down south as you read this post! 

We have already got in the dancing spirit by putting on our very first show DVD – ‘One Night Only’. From the gasps at the front of the coach there are several of our older girls that are maybe suffering from a bit of embarrassment at seeing their younger selves busting some moves!

Hair and make up is already being done by two of our amazing power-mums – Lisa Forrester and Nicola Wignall. Nothing like starting early! London’s not going to know what hit it!

London Baby!

So here we are, the day has finally arrived, SLW Dance Company are going to London! 

After intense auditions, endless choreography and a lot of extra rehearsals, we are off to go and perform at Sadlers Wells Theatre, with 40 of our extremely talented pupils. They have worked very hard to get both dances polished to perfection and we can’t wait to see how it’ll look on stage.

We are going to be blogging all day from the website to let you know of our progress so stay tuned for more updates! 

NEW SHOW! Iconic – 10th & 11th May 2014


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