Stretch Master Class
An advanced stretching and technique class aiming to work the dancer. Each class incorporates classical technique and a full body stretch, enhancing flexibility by lengthening and strengthening the muscles.

Pupils learn to use their bodies in a variety of ways as they focus on posture, and explore the mind and body connections pushing against traditional boundaries. This class often includes balance, floorwork, fall and recovery and improvisation.

Intermediate Ballet
Teaches grade 6 Ballet using the British Ballet Organisation syllabus. The class includes both Barre and Centre work, as well as an introduction to Pointe Work.

Ballet, Tap and Modern (Ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12+)
Each class teaches technique and performance qualities for various ages and abilities. This class teaches exercises from British Ballet Organisation and Allied Dancing Association syllabi as well as performance routines for our annual show and examinations. Each class inspires a love dance, building confidence and self-discipline.

Twinkle Toe Toddlers (Age 1-2)
Do you have a little one that would love to be just like Angelina Ballerina?
Then this is the class for them! Learning pre-syllabus ballet in a fun and creative way!
Age 1-2 years

Acro Dance

A beautiful mix of Acrobatics and Dance building strength and enhancing flexibility.

Stretching and Limbering (Age 4-10)
This class enhances flexibility and strength to support and enhance a dancer’s performance. This class works hand in hand with Acro dance to allow your little one the chance to really shine.

Body Blast
Get trim and toned with a 15 minute intense body workout

Adult Dance Fitness
Each class incorporates a cardio based dance routine. Why not have fun dancing while getting fit.

Street Dance (Ages 4-10, 11+)
Street Dance is an umbrella term for dance styles created outside the dance studio. This class teaches a weekly routine using dance styles from hiphop to break dance, learning those tricks to show their friends!

Dance Parties
Want something a bit different to celebrate? Why not book a Dance party?

An SLW Dance Party is:

· Fun
· Energetic
· Confidence Building

….And a different way to celebrate your child’s Birthday!

We Provide 1 hour of tailor made dance routine for your child (ballet, street dance, princess, anything you wish!). Just tell us your child’s favourite song and we will choreograph a dance specially made for them. You just decide whether you would like the hour to fall at the beginning or end of your child’s party.

Can’t find a venue? Why not hire the studio and made your child feel like a star with our mirrored studio and sprung floors!

Contact us for more information!