Amy age 15 and Lauren age 12

We love SLW because it offers us the opportunity to learn lots of different dance styles such as contemporary, street, tap, ballet, jazz and much more. SLW is a friendly family and everyone is welcoming. This year we were lucky to go to London on a trip to pineapple studios and the MoveIt Exhibition. The new dance studio is amazing with mirrored walls and wooden floors – great for our tap shoes! Every year we get to perform in a themed show at the Theatre Royal. Sarah choreographs some interesting and amazing dances and we get fabulous costumes. Sarah is a fantastic dance teacher and dancer, who is full of encouragement and praise for us. There is no better dance school than SLW!

Lisa, Parent of Abigail age 9

My daughter Abigail has been attending SLW for two years now and she loves it. She has grown in confidence and in her ability to dance. Abigail has made lots of friends whilst she has been there, and also Sarah and her family have become friends of our family too.

Nicki, Parent of Isobel age 6

My daughter, Isobel has been attending SLW since just before her 3rd birthday. She loves her classes and has grown in confidence, becoming a great little dancer! Isobel and I cannot speak highly enough of Miss Sarah; she is just wonderful with her pupils!

Julie, Parent of Caitlin age 13 and Lauren age 15

SLW gives each child important life skills – learning how make new friends, applying commitment, discipline and an element of fun in whatever they do and expressing themselves, with confidence, through the art of dance itself. This is what makes SLW different. Every child learns to dance, every child can be the best they can be and every child can achieve their dream, whatever that may be.

Julie, Parent of Caitlin age 13 and Lauren age 15

SLW is an amazing dance company. I have had the privilege of watching Sarah take her childhood dream, apply commitment and dedication, receive love, guidance and support from her family and friends and, at long last, set up her very own dance company. In my opinion, this is not just any dance company. Together with teaching children from such young ages, to growing teenagers, providing professional, well co-ordinated and exciting dance classes, each and every single child is special to SLW – whatever their talent, however much they want to give and however much they want to learn.

Claire, Parent of Francesca age 9

Francesca has been with SLW since the beginning. This year will be her third year performing at the theatre. She has grown in confidence has made lots of friends and loves to go week after week, in fact is really disappointed when it is holiday time. Sarah is a lovely and fantastic teacher and has time for each of her pupils. I hope that Francesca will continue to go to dance for many years to come through enjoyment in keeping fit and mixing with lots of friends for all ages and growing more confident in herself.

Nicola, Parent of Scarlett age 5

My daughter has been attending SLW for almost 2 years now and I cannot recommend them enough! Miss Sarah is a wonderful teacher, so patient and really makes each girl feel they have achieved something special after every session! I am always impressed at how my child seems to give 100% in everything she does there. My child has gained so much more confidence since starting at SLW, she’s really excited about performing in this year’s show!